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The top Hamilton news stories of 2013

A look back at the most viewed stories of the year, for Hamilton, Ontario.

Posted: Dec 31, 2013

At an online news outlet, you can never quite predict what’s going to bring readers to the page.

In 2013, stories telling of blockbuster murder cases, with their inherent human drama, inevitably attracted hundreds of thousands of clicks, and then some. This wasn’t a surprise.

But there were some also-rans that garnered huge numbers out of the blue. Even its author couldn’t have predicted the widespread, enduring popularity of a quirky human-interest piece on a Hamilton man who crafts guitars out of cigar boxes, but can’t play his creations. Such is the nature of reporting for the web.

CBC Hamilton developer Kevin Gamble has created an interactive summary of the most-viewed stories on our site this year, organized by month. Click through it to revisit the year that was.