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Available on Video and DVD and licensed for educational use! Includes bonus teacher support materials!

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Shattered City

On December 6, 1917, Halifax became a casualty of WWI when the Mont-Blanc, a French owned freighter loaded with thousands of tons of explosives collided with a Belgian relief ship in Halifax Harbour. The explosion and shockwaves killed 2000 people, injured 9000, and flattened two square kilometers of the city. Out of the carnage came stories of small sacrifices and great heroism - stories that are at the heart of Shattered City.

This unforgettable 4-hour drama intertwines the stories of real and fictional characters with events before, during and after the explosion. Vincent Walsh, Graham Greene and Peter Postlethwaite star in a gripping story of how this tragic incident became a living metaphor for the war and how the people of Halifax rose from the ashes.

9-12/PS/AD Length: 2 X approx. 120 minutes No: ZZY-03-10
Canadian History VHS or DVD $198

City of Ruins: The Halifax Explosion

Produced by the Canada: A People's History creative and technical team, this one-hour documentary tells the story of the horror, bravery, and destruction of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. Using real stories and descriptions of the day and its aftermath, the narrative is dramatic and moving. Survivors of the catastrophe re-live the day with astonishingly vivid memories. Newsreel cameras rushed to film the search for the living amidst the smouldering ruins. Still cameras recorded the post-explosion wasteland, the faces of the living and the dead, and the re-building of the city of ruins. The resource guide that accompanies the video provides background information, integration strategies, activities, and reproducible masters.

7-12/PS/AD Length: approx. 50 minutes No: Y8R-03-03
Canadian History VHS or DVD and guide $115

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