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Anniversaries and Memorials

Every December 6, people from both sides of the harbour remember the Explosion as they gather at the Fort Needham memorial. The memorial is a dramatic skyward sweep of concrete that holds a carillon of bells. Fort Needham is the largest of the memorials to the Explosion in Halifax and Dartmouth.

Every year, at 9:04:35 on December 6, the bells peal through the north end.

Most of the survivors are gone now, but those who are still alive make a special effort to attend. Their children and grandchildren go too, to remember the families they never knew.

The crowds become younger, but they are as large as ever.



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  2005 Survivors' Harbour Cruise
2005 Survivors' Harbour Cruise
Halifax Explosion Survivors and their families went on a tour of Halifax Harbour.
  Malcolm MacLeod's PlanView Halifax map in 1917
Malcolm MacLeod's Plan
MacLeod is a Halifax-born professor of history who has a daring proposal to raise public awareness of the disaster.
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Halifax North Memorial Library: Most people think the Halifax North Memorial Library is a memorial to soldiers killed in war. That’s true of many buildings with the word “memorial” in their names…but not of this one.

The library on Gottingen Street, and the sculpture in its front courtyard, are a memorial to victims of the Halifax Explosion.

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