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December 6, 1917 dawned clear and sunny in Halifax. Before darkness fell, more than a thousand people would die, with another thousand to follow. Nine thousand more would be injured and maimed in the biggest man-made explosion the world had ever seen.

This website will take you through that terrible day and the days that followed. It will show how the Halifax Explosion and the hard lessons it taught affect our lives today.

You will meet the heroes, the survivors, and families whose lives were changed in a great flash of light just after 9 a.m. on that December day.

The Halifax Explosion website brings together a wide range of resources from CBC Television, CBC Radio and CBC.ca; from major research bodies, community groups and individuals.

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CBC's October programming related to the explosion is now over but you can purchase VHS tapes and DVDs of Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion and City of Ruins. Visit the CBC Boutique online, or call the Boutique's Customer Service department at 1.800.955.7711.

Special thanks to our community experts who gave so freely of their time and knowledge

Janet Kitz, Author, Shattered City. The Halifax Explosion and The Road to Recovery
Alan Ruffman, Co-editor, Ground Zero: A Reassessment of the 1917 Explosion in Halifax Harbour
Lois Yorke, Manager, Public and Support Services, Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management
Dan Conlin, Curator of Marine History, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Anita Price, Curator, Dartmouth Heritage Museum

Photos/images (left to right): Janet Kitz Collection; Janet Kitz Collection, Montreal Standard, Dec. 22, 1917; CBC; Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management

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Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion, October 26 & 27 on CBC TV City of Ruins, October 28 on CBC TV