Equipment and Effects

Equipment List
(Download the equipment list in PDF format.)

Glenn Gould Studio Pianos
Two New York Steinway 9 foot Model D concert grand pianos are available for concert and recording projects.

Our 1993 Steinway("Bertha") was chosen for Glenn Gould Studio by noted Canadian pianist Louis Lortie from the Steinway factory in New York City.

The 1968 Steinway("Oliver") was purchased in the early 1970s, and was moved from location to location for various CBC concerts and recordings. It was known as "the new Steinway", however since 1992, the piano's permanent home has been Glenn Gould Studio, and was renamed "Oliver".

The two pianos are kept in excellent condition through regular overhauls and tunings, and provide artists a choice in tonal quality and action.

Our regular piano technician is Wayne Chen. Ted Campbell and Mark DeCourt are our alternate technicians.

Other instruments available:
Hammond B3 organ
Yamaha Stage Custom 5 piece drumset (black)
Ampeg BA600/210 bass combo amp
Fender Twin Guitar Amp
Fender Rhodes
Various percussion instruments

Glenn Gould Studio Control Room:

Recording Console
Neve VR Legend Console
60 mic/line inputs
Flying Faders Automation

Recorders/Storage Mediums
1 48 analog, 64 Dig I/O Pro-tools HD3
1 RADAR Nyquist 48tk Harddisk recorder
1 HHB CDR-830 CD Recorder
1 HHB 882 Dualburn CD Recorder
1 Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 CD-R
1 Tascam CD 450 Compact Disc Player
1 Tascam DVRA1000 192kHz PCM/DSD recorder

Additional Recorders Available
1 Studer A820 24 tk Analog Multitrack Recorder (2")
1 Sony PCM3348 48tk Digital Multitrack Recorder
1 Tascam DA78
1 ProTools 002
1 Studer A810 2 tk 1/4" Recorders, centre trk TC

Digital Effects and Compressors/Mic pre's
1 Lexicon 300 Digital Effects Systems
1 Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System
1 TC Electronics M2000 Digital Effects Unit
1 TC Electronics M6000 Digital Effects Unit
2 Drawmer 1960 Vacuum Tube Compressor/Mic-Pre
1 SSL Logic FX G 384 Stereo Compressor
1 Millenia Media HV3D 8c Mic Pre
1 Neve 1081 R rack w/ 2x1081, 6x Air Monserrat
1 Avalon AD2022
2 Avalon 737sp

Monitoring System
Genelec 8050A (x5) with 7070A subs (x2)
State of the Art (SOTA) 2000 (triamped) w/SigTech AEC 1000 crossover
Genelec 1031A
B&W 805
Amplification Bryston, 4B's, 3B's, 2B's.
* provisions for connection of powered monitor speakers, or mid/near field substitutes (Genelec, Meyer, EAW, Tannoy) etc.

Ancillary Equipment
4 BSS Active Direct Boxes (AR-416)
1 Tascam CD 450 Compact Disc Player

"Returnings" Eve Egoyen

The late Anne Southam's "Returnings" with Eve Egoyan on Piano chosen as number one album by the Globe and Mail.

It was a privilege to be part of this project here at the Gould. Congratulations to our engineer Dennis Patterson and Producer David Jaeger. 

Glenn Gould Studio in Variety

Are you interested in Studios? If so see David Friend's article"Setting The Score".

Mulroney the Opera

mulroney.jpgApril 15, 2011 - Joyously irreverent, Mulroney: The Opera blends political satire with an original operatic score. It is at once a comedy, a tragedy and always thoroughly epic in its portrayal of contemporary political life in Canada. Within the 'Holy Grail' of musical forms - the Opera - these stories, scandals and real-life politicians are finally given the larger-than-life platform they deserve.

Muloney: The Opera is being released April 16th with an encore presentation  April 27th, 7 PM.
Directed by Larry Weinstein, Composed by Alexina Louie, Libretto by Dan Rideican, conducted by Alex Paulk, recorded by Dennis Patterson in CBC Sound Studio 211

Hip Hop Summit receives rave reviews

20110330CBCHipHopSummit.jpgMarch 29, 2011 - When CBC announced a Canadian rap concert to end all rap concerts at Glenn Gould Studio, it was met with skepticism in some sectors.  Well, doubters, they pulled it off. With wild style.  Starting from an idea from GGS own producer/technician Chris Jackson, the team at CBC cast off its cloak of fuddy-duddyness for a full night and produced what most agree was an amazing, inspiring, and cool event.

The three hundred people lucky enough to be in attendance at Tuesday's Hip Hop Summit concert were treated to a party that was anything but sedate. Performers included Maestro, Saukrates, Kardinal Offishall, Michie Mee, Choclair, k-os, K'naan, Dream Warriors, Shad (Canada's newest hip-hop Juno award winner), Cadence Weapon, Skratch Bastid, and the list goes on.  (Torontoist)

GGS Juno Nominations and Winners

March 27, 2011  - Of the many recordings we did this year in Glenn Gould Studio and CBC Sound, two were nominated this year for Junos awards.  
-  Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year - Adrean Farugia Ricochet,
R-Murray-Schafer-150x150.jpgMixed by Dennis Patterson in Studio 211
- Classical Album of the Year - Amici Ensemble Armenian Chamber Music
Recorded in GGS - Assisted by Dennis Patterson(uncredited)

R. Murray Schafer -Duo For Violin And Piano, WILD BIRD
Recorded in GGS - Assisted by Dennis Patterson(uncredited)
Produced by David Jaeger


Performing Arts Laureates Annouced

MAR 3, 2011 - Glenn Gould Studio was proud venue host of the prestigious Governor

General's Performing Arts Awards (GGPAA), as 2011 laureates of the ultimate recognition in Canada's performing arts were named: Yvon Deschamps, Margie Gillis, William Shatner, Howard Shore, Leslee Silverman, Paul Thompson, Jean-André Élie, and Denis Villeneuve.


ggpaa.jpgHis Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada expressed "It is important that we nurture Canada's vibrant performing arts community so that they may continue to capture our spirits and to inspire our minds for years to come."


These individuals are being recognized for their outstanding body of work and enduring contribution to the performing arts in Canada. Presented annually since 1992, these Awards are bestowed by Canadians to Canadians whose accomplishments have inspired and enriched the cultural life of our country.


The Hip Hop Summit: Celebrating a quarter-century of Canadian hip hop culture at Glenn Gould Studio

Thumbnail image for hiphopsummit.jpgFEB 24, 2011 - Almost two years ago, GGS's Chris Jackson asked his colleague; Radio Music Producer and Recording Engineer, Ron Skinner - Why we don't record and showcase more Rap music? Shortly thereafter, Jackson put forward his proposal of a Canada Live record, and the broadcast of a 'Hip Hop History' concert. Jackson had been planning to put together the event himself, yet when it was pitched to CBC Radio, the electricity of his idea was evident.

The CBC Radio music team; in particular, Ann MacKeigan, Ron Skinner and Malcolm Gould, thought an exposé on the history of Hip Hop was an excellent way to reach their listening audience. MacKeigan felt that Jackson's idea could be much bigger than just a concert, and an excellent outreach opportunity for CBC. Thus, morphed: The Hip Hop Summit. The Hip Hop Summit pays respect to Canadian Hip Hop by documenting its history through performance.Chris Jackson will be co-producing his premier concert for CBC Radio on March 29th, 2011. The concert will be live-to-air on Radio 3 and will be available as a podcast shortly following the live performance.

For more information, please go to the link below:


GGS Gives Back

CIMG2177.JPGDEC 21, 2011- GSS welcomed "FYI (Follow Your Instinct) Kids" for education and fun! GGS technician, Chris Jackson, facilitated a learning "talk & tour" for the group of youths. Following a visit to the radio drama studio and CBC Museum, FYI Kids took in all the sights and sounds of GGS and CBC Sound: Studios 210 and 211. 


At GGS, the youths listened and experienced the raw recorded score from the movie "Cooking With Stella", one of many complete musical scores recorded here at GGS.