The Appalachians
Geologic Journey: The Appalachians is a trip through the gentle, rolling landscape of eastern North America, a landscape that is deceptive and misleading. Beneath its calm and steady appearance hides a violent and active past.

Audiences are given an insider’s perspective as our expert geologists attempt to trace the roots of this tumultuous past. From studying the sediment deposits at Anticosti Island, to rebuilding the history of one of the most significant mass extinctions, 443 million years ago, scientists are piecing together the elements that continue to shape this diverse region. We are led along the stunning coast, from Newfoundland to North Carolina, to better understand how ancient landmasses separated into Europe and America. And the ground shakes beneath us as scientists reveal the fractures in what is a very active earthquake zone.

The explorations and observations these scientists undertake in the Appalachians today make it possible for us to add a few missing pages in the great history book of the North American continent.

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