About the Series
Imagine a world where North America and Africa are one super continent, where a mountain range the size of the Himalayas covers the Great Lakes region, and a tropical saltwater sea lays over the ground. This is our land - in another time.

What do we really know about the history of the earth beneath our feet? That was the question that preoccupied series producer Michael Allder as he tramped across the historic Niagara Escarpment, near his home in Owen Sound, Ontario. It was the beginning of a four-year project, chronicling 4.5 billion years of history.

Shot in high definition, the five-part series Geologic Journey blends state-of-the-art science, and a range of visual techniques from 3-D animation to Westcam high precision helicopter shooting, with personal stories from people who are driven by geologic wonder.

Geologic Journey documents the incredible and sometimes surprising history of Canada's landscape - a land that humbles humans with its awesome magnitude. This adventure through time begins with the Great Lakes, moves across Canada to the rugged Rockies, and finally plunges into the Atlantic.

Episodes The Great Lakes, The Rockies and The Atlantic Coast of Geologic Journey are produced by the CBC in association with Discovery-Science. Episodes The Canadian Shield and The Appalachians are produced by Altau/Tuttifrutti in association with Radio-Canada, the CBC, Discovery Science and the Office National du Film.

The series producer for the Geologic Journey series is Michael Allder. The principle scientific advisor to the series is Nick Eyles, Professor of Geology at the University of Toronto. Michael Allder is also the Executive Producer of the documentary series THE NATURE OF THINGS with DAVID SUZUKI.

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Series scientific advisor Nick Eyles with student at Niagara Falls.
The Sawback Range near Banff, Alberta.
The Geologic Journey crew shooting at Five Islands in the Bay of Fundy.