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SUNDAY February 9

Host: Karen Gordon

0730 CBC Radio's National sports reporter, Peter Armstrong, gave Karen an up-to-the-minute picture from Sochi, Russia of what's been happening at the Winter Olympics.
Follow the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at the
CBC Olympics website.

0800 Ashley Rae is a semi-professional angler. The 28-year-old writes about fishing on her blog called "She Loves To Fish". This weekend Ashley is appearing at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show in Toronto. She joined karen to talk fishin'.
Read about Ashley's rod and reel adventures at her She Loves To Fish website.

0830 Maclean's senior writer Anne Kingston talked about the "worry epidemic" that she wrote about in in her article called "Worrier or Warrior" in the February 17th edition of the magazine.
Listen audio (runs 9:59)