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SATURDAY January 18

Host: Mary Ito

0630 Aparita Bhandari dropped by with "What's On" suggestions for a Saturday in January.
All of Aparita's recommendations are linked in the What's On posting for today.

0730 Some movie "misses" can turn into "hits" on a second look. That's what Thom Ernst has noticed. Thom's a Toronto-based film critic. He examined the phenomenon of "misunderstood movies".
Listen audio (runs 9:25)
Check out the Reel Thom Ernst website for more on the world of film.

0800 Choosing a GOOD contractor for your home reno can be tricky. Jorge Rodriques is president of J-B Rodrigues and Associates, building contractors and consultants in Toronto. He offered advice on what to look for.
Listen audio (runs 8:01)

0830 Stephen Fearing and Tom Wilson are two thirds of Blackie & The Rodeo Kings. They (and fellow band member Colin Linden) have just released the latest Blackie album. It's called "South".
Listen audio (runs 14:01)
NOTE: Copyright restrictions prohibit inclusion of the music originally contained in this item.
Stephen, Colin and Tom will begin a major tour of Ontario on January 22nd. All the details are on the Blackie & The Rodeo Kings website.