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SATURDAY December 21

Host: Mary Ito

0630 What's On columnist Aparita Bhandari offered some "it's the last Saturday before Christmas" event suggestions.
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You'll find Aparita's recommendations in the What's On posting for today.

0730 CBC Toronto TV anchor Mike Wise offered his suggestions for "unplugging" from all your electronic devices for the holidays.
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0800 Fresh Air's favourite film guy, Thom Ernst, offered up his very personal list of the best movie Santas. Here are Thom's selections:

6/ Ed Asner - Elf (2003) Asner channels a bit of Lou Grant into his portrayal of Santa. A perfect mix of seasonal joyfulness and dogged determination - Asner plays Santa as like an amazing employer who you wouldn't dare disappoint..

5/ Francis De Wolf - A Christmas Carol (1951) - arguably not Santa but The Ghost of Christmas Present - But if ever there was someone who fits the description of Saint Nick, it's this jolly, white-bearded spirit with a big laugh and a bundle of presents.

4/Paul Giamati - Fred Claus (2007) - You have to wonder who thought Giamti would make a good Santa...he's not the first name the jumps to my mind - but Giamati is such a great actor that he probably could have played Mrs. Claus and pulled it off. This is a Santa with family issues, a huge workload, and an important job.

3/ David Huddleston - Santa Claus: The Movie (1985) - this is the movie that wanted to be the quintessential Santa Claus movie. That didn't happen despite employing one of the Best Movie Santas ever. Huddleston is a character actor known for his work with Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles and The Producers. His Santa looks like he just stepped out of a 1940s Coca-Cola ad.

2/ Jan Rubes - One Magic Christmas (1985) - a film by the late, great Philip Borsos (The Grey Fox) - filmed in Owen Sound. Canadian actor, Jan Rubes gained international fame as the Amish grandfather in the Harrison Ford thriller, Witness. Rubes has the look and a whimsical, magical spirit to make his Santa one of the best.

1/Edmund Gwyn - Miracle on 34th Street (1947) - Gwyn set the bar for movie Santa Claus. He's likely to be the top Santa on everyone's list. He's a magical, caring, Santa who many kids, including myself, thought was the real Santa in the role.

If you're a film fan, you'll want to check out the Reel Thom Ernst website.

0830 Countermeasure is a 14 voice, a capella group which has just released its debut CD, "14 Characters". Artistic director/composer Aaron Jensen and his fellow Countermeasure vocalist, Tara Park (who's also Aaron's wife) talked about the appeal of creating music with just the human voice.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Learn all about the group and "14 Characters" at the Countermeasure