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SUNDAY December 8

Host: Mary Ito

0630 Aparita Bhandari brought us a Sunday edition of her What's On column.
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You'll find the links to Aparita's suggestions in today's What's On posting.

0730 Jane Clark is a Toronto writer who's passionate about trees. Espcially the ash tree...which is threatened by the emerald ash borer. Jane spent much of her summer trying to save ash trees in her part of the city...and she told us why this matters so much to her
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Here's an excellent website if you'd like to know more about the threat posed by the
emerald ash borer

0800 Alison Fryer from The Cookbook Store in Toronto dropped by with a selection of cookbooks that would make great Christmas presents.
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Here's Alison's recommendations:
1. Bountiful, Recipes inspired by our garden by Todd Porter & Diane Cu (Stewart Tabori & Chang) There is something deeply comforting about this book, when I open it up it never lets me down. Familiar ingredients turned into dishes that make you smile and give you a warm fuzzy feeling. They write a very popular blog called The White on Rice Couple.
2. Isa Does It by Isa Chandra Moskowitz (Little, Brown) This picks up on the ever increasing popularity of vegan cooking. If vegetarian cooking is now mainstream then vegan is where vegetarian was in the mid/late 1980's. I see no end in sight for its ongoing momentum. This author is a guru of vegan cooking, and has the popular blog Post Punk Kitchen. This is a serious looking book but doesn't take itself too seriously.
3. Pimentos & Piri Piri by Carla Azevedo (Whitecap Books from Fitzhenry and Whiteside) Carla wrote the incredibly popular Uma Casa Portuguesa long gone out of print, but here is the new one and it's fabulous. Portuguese cuisine comes alive and with a passion we don't often associate with Portugal.
4. One Good Dish by David Tanis (Artisan) A good simple food book for those who want less fuss, contemporary flavours all in one pot. NY Times writer and formerly of Chez Panisse. Covers off the "lets get simple" cookbooks juxtaposed against all the fabulous chef books out this fall.
5. Butter Baked Goods by Rosie Daykin (Appetite/Random House) from a hugely successful bakery in Vancouver named, Butter. What's not to like!! And it's a beautiful book too.
There's always plenty of "appetizing" reading at the Cookbook Store website,

0830 Former CBC News presenter Judy Maddren has a new business. It's called Soundportraits and it creates audio memoirs. Judy elaborated when she came into the Fresh Air studio.
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You can learn more at the Soundportraits website.