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SATURDAY November 30

Host: Mary Ito

0630 What's On columnist Aparita Bhandari offered a selection of events taking place around Ontario today.
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You'll find links to Aparita's suggestions in today's What's On posting.

0730 Christine Tizzard is host of CBC TV's Best Recipes Ever.
She's a huge fan of slow cooking...and she elaborated for the benefit of everyone who has a slow cooker sitting---idle---on their kitchen counter.
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Thre's a load of slow cooking recipes on the Best Recipes Ever website.
And don't forget about the new Best Recipes Ever Cookbook, Volume Two. It's published by Transcontinental Books and it's in stores now.

0800 The holiday shopping season is moving into high gear with the arrival of December. Doug Stephens, president of retail business consultancy, Retail Prophet, dropped by to discuss this year's trends and their potential impact on consumers.
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Check out Doug's Retail Prophet website if you'd like to know more about what he does.

0830 Alejandra Ribera is about to release her sophomore album. It's called "La Boca"---it's going to be available in early 2014. But she brought in an advance copy to play a few tracks from as she talked about her musical career.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Alejandra will be part of CBC Toronto's Sounds Of The Season event on Friday, December the 6th. All the details are on the Sounds Of The Season website.
Learn more about her music at Alejandra's website.