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SUNDAY November 10

Host: Mary Ito

0730 World Music columnist Reuben Maan profiled Indian sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar who's just released a new album called "Traces Of You". You can hear his conversation at Reuben's website.

0800 The intense scrutiny of Toronto mayor Rob Ford's actions this past week could result in a heightened interest in municipal politics. Shauna Brail offered her thoughts on what good might come from this unfortunate affair---she's director of Experiential Learning and senior lecturer in the Urban Studies Programme at the University of Toronto's Innis College.
Listen audio (runs 9:37)

0830 Author Linda Granfield is the author of a series of books for young people about Canadians who fought in the First and Second World well as later wars. Her latest is called "The Road To Afghanistan"----it deals with the experiences of our most recent war veterans.
Listen audio (runs 10:19)
"The Road To Afghanistan" is published by Scholastic.
Learn more about it at the Scholastic website.
And visit Linda's website for more about all of her books.