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SATURDAY November 9

Host: Mary Ito

0730 Jordana Talsky has TWO careers. She's a lawyer...and she's also a jazz singer. Jordana has a new album---it's called "Standard Deviation".
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Jordana's next live appearance is at the Old Mill Inn's Homesmith Bar in Toronto on November the 29th.
Details are at Jordana's website.

0800 Home reno expert Jorge Rodrigues---president of J. B. Rodrigues & Associates, building contractors and consultants in Toronto---dropped by with some ideas that are short on time commitment but big on impact...just in time for the holidays.
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0830 Author and hockey enthusiast Randi Druzin has written a book about twelve of professional hockey's most intriguing goalies, focusing on the personality trait that makes each one unique.
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"Between The Pipes" is published by Greystone.
Lean more at Randi's Between The Pipes website.