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SATURDAY November 2

Host: Mary Ito

0700 If you'd like to be in the audience for a recording of CBC Radio's "The Debaters"...and you live within driving distance of Toronto...the show will be at Glenn Gould Studio at the CBC's Broadcasting Centre for two nights, November 5th and 6th.
Ticket information can be found on The Debaters website.

0730 Thunder Bay-based singer-songwriter Nick Sherman talked about the influence of his First Nation heritage on his music. Nick's debut CD, "Drag Your Words Through", came out earlier this year.
Listen audio (runs 8:20)
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Nick's next show is at The Foundry in Thunder Bay on November the 15th.
Check Nick's website for more on his music.

0800 Doctors Natasha Saunders and Jeremy Friedman are pediatricians at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. They've written a book called "The A to Z of Children's Health: A Parent's Guide from Birth to 10 Years". It's designed to answer questions from parents whose children are ill...and who aren't sure if a trip to the doctor's office or a hospital emergency room is called for.
Listen audio (runs 7:50)
"The A to Z of Children's Health: A Parent's Guide from Birth to 10 Years" is published by Robert Rose.

0830 Ottawa author Denise Chong talked about her new book "Lives Of The Family: Stories Of Fate and Circumstance", which examines the experiences of Chinese families who came to live in Canada---particularly those who settled in Eastern Ontario,
Listen audio (runs 7:56)
"Lives Of The Family" is published by Random House Canada.
You can learn more about the book at the Lives Of The Family website