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SUNDAY October 13

Host: Mary Ito

0730 Gail Lord is co-president of Lord Cultural Resources, an organization that creates cultural capital worldwide. She talked about the evolving role of museums in Ontario.
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Gail is the keynote speaker at the Heritage Toronto awards this coming Tuesday (Oct. 15) at Koerner Hall in Toronto.
All the details are at the Heritage Toronto website.

0800 Downton Abbey fans, take note. There's plenty of lushious Edwardian architecture right here in Ontario. And Shannon Kyles knows where to find it.
She shared some of her favourites...
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CAUTION: Spoiler alert for fans of Downtown Abbey who haven't seen the final episode of the most recent season!!!!
Visit Shannon's Ontario Architecture website for more information about Edwardian buildings in this province.

0830 Three musicians. Three songs. And a Thanksgiving theme. Wendy Lands, Liam Titcomb and Marc Jordan told us why they're thankful for these songs.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Wendy's latest album is called "Mumble" and her next show is at the Paintbox Bistro in Toronto on October the 18th.
Liam's latest CD is titled "Cicada". You'll next catch him on stage on October 19th at the Skydiggers 25th anniversary show at Toronto's Winter Garden...and then Liam's performing on November 3rd in Dunnville at Flyer's Cafe.
And Marc has a brand new album called "On A Perfect Day". He'll be performing songs from it at the Centre for the Arts at Brock University in St. Catharines on October the the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa on the 17th...and then at Hugh's Room in Toronto on October 23rd.
Get caught up on ALL their musical activies at Wendy,
Liam and
Marc's websites.