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SUNDAY October 6

Guest Host: Karen Gordon

0730 Mark Rheaume paid his monthly visit to the studio to highlight some new music from Ontario artists. You can check out his suggestions by visiting
Mark's Music column.

0800 Parenting columnist Samantha Kemp-Jackson joined Karen to talk about the bugbear of every child...and parent: homework. More specifically, how to make the best of it.
Listen audio (runs 7:14)
For more of Samantha's thoughts on parenting issues, you can visit her Multiple Mayhem Mama website

0830 Kingston-based Kris & Dee are Kris Abbott and Dee McNeill. They each have a musical history of their own---Kris with The Pursuit Of Happiness and Dee with The Strap-Ons. But they teamed up---professionally and personally---a few years ago and now they've released their second album called "Bloom". Kris & Dee recently joined Mary Ito to talk about their music.
Listen audio (runs 11:02)
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Kris and Dee's next Ontario show is this coming Thursday (October 11) at Irene's Pub in Ottawa.
Learn more at Kris & Dee's website.