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SATURDAY September 28

0730 Hollywood has long had an uneven relationship with the sport of auto racing. For every successful movie there have been a lot of misses. The new film about the 1976 Formula 1 season--- Rush ---is one of those rare exceptions, according to Norris McDonald. He's a connoisseur of racing movies---he's also motorsport columnist for The Toronto Star. He offered his insights into the genre AND Rush to Mary Ito.
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If you're into motorsport, check out
Norris' auto racing blog

0800 Does your favourite canine have doggie breath? Is your cat's incisors looking the worse for wear? Veterinarian Ted Morris joined Mary to talk about how best to keep your pet's teeth in good health.
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CBC's Marketplace is investigating the cost of routine veterinary procedures. And you can join the investigation.Visit the Marketplace website to submit a copy of your vet bill and a photo of your pet.And be sure to watch the Marketplace season premiere---"Barking Mad"---this coming Friday night (Oct 4) on CBC Television.

0830 It's called the Liberian Learning Center Project. It will house Liberia's first post-war fully functional Library and a living cultural archive to encourage literacy, preserve Liberian culture and serve as a space for building peaceful communities. It's a project of Empowerment Squared. Leo Johnson is its founder and director. And he joined Mary.
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Learn more about the Liberian Learning Center Project at the
Empowerment Squared website.