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SATURDAY August 31

0700 Host Karen Gordon featured an excerpt from today's episode of CBC Radio's comedy show The Debaters. You can hear the whole show at one o'clock this afternoon on CBC Radio One. You can also watch host Steve Patterson and his rotating cast of comedians on CBC Television on Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. For more info, check out The Debaters website.

0730 Serena Ryder is enjoying much success. Her first album in four years Harmony was released last November. Serena previewed a few songs from it when she jcame in to the Fresh Air studio to talk with Mary Ito. Here's that interview again. Listen audio (runs 11:52)
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Learn more about Harmony at Serena's Facebook page.

For tickets to Serena's Canada's Walk of Fame concert on September 20.

0800 Final Curtain After nearly 40 years, four hosts thousands of hours of films, tonight marks the end of era. TV Ontario's Saturday Night at the Movies is going off the air. Whether it was the old black and whites or some obscure foreign film, viewers will recall the enthusiasm of former host, Elwy Yost, and his quest to both educate and entertain. Karen Gordon was joined by former executive producer, Risa Shuman, and long-time film buff and Toronto Star columnist, Rob Salem, to talk about the program's legacy.

Listen audio (runs 12:13)

Click here for more information about the final episode of Saturday Night at the Movies.

0830 Dr. Wolkoff's Wines Labour Day is, for a lot of us, the final blast of summer vacation. Then it's back to school, to work; back to reality. Many will celebrate with a big BBQ. The question we are asking is -- when the food choices can range from light and delicate ceviche to hearty ribs, how do you choose a wine? Is there a wine that goes with hamburgers? We've asked Fresh Air contributor, psychiatrist and wine writer, Irvin Wolkoff, to help you choose something interesting for your last summer blow out.
Listen audio (runs 16:30)

To find our more about psychiatrist Dr. Irvin Wolkoff and his take on wine, food and the mind, visit his Glass of His Own blog.