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SUNDAY August 25

0730 Camp Stories For many, spending time "up north", whether at a cottage or at camp, is a summer ritual. It's an essential activity to disconnect from the stress of the city and RE-connect with your soul. For Joanne Kates, it's most like coming home. The Toronto-based restaurant reviewer has been a camper, a counsellor and now a camp director at Camp Arowhon for most of her life. She speaks with Karen Gordon about the lasting value of lifelong lessons learned at summer camp.

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0800 Opioid Alert When it comes to pain, many of us prefer to pop a pill and hope it all goes away. But earlier this season, health columnist Dr. Mike Evans spoke with Mary Ito about the dangers of opioid addiction and why we should think twice about asking our doctors for such extreme relief.

0830 The Art of Ai Weiwei The Art Gallery of Ontario has just opened an exhibition by one of the most provocative personalities in the art world. Ai Weiwei is a Chinese multi-media artist. His work has made him famous, but it's also a cause for concern for the Chinese government. For insight into Ai Weiwei and his art, Karen Gordon speaks with Kitty Scott, curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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Ai Weiwei: According to What? is on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario until October 27.