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SATURDAY August 24

0730 Bucket List Travel Tip Kim Gray, editor of the travel website Toque & Canoe, joined Karen with the final entry in her Summer of 2013 Great Canadian Travel Bucket List. This time she "took" us to Sparkling Hill Resort - a European-inspired spa located between Vernon and Kelowna B.C. in the Okanagon region.
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Check the Toque & Canoe website for all kinds of great Canadian travel suggestions.

0800 How to Kill a Vampire From Nosferatu to Dracula, from Twilight and True Blood, there's something about these mythic creatures that has held our fascination for centuries. Toronto author Liisa Ladouceur has been writing about the darker side of culture for many years. She's the author of "Encyclopedia Gothica" and is about to launch a new book on vampire lore called "How To Kill A Vampire". She speaks with Karen Gordon about our enduring fascination with our fanged friends.

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For more details, go to Liisa Ladouceur' s website.

For a complete lineup of events at Toronto's Fan Expo at the Metro Convention Centre, visit the Toronto Comicon website.

0830 Films of Elmore Leonard The literary world suffered a great loss when American writer Elmore Leonard passed away this week at the age of 87. But his loss also belongs to the worlds of television and film. Leonard wrote more than 50 novels and short stories, and more than a third of those titles were adapted into screenplays. Fresh Air's Film Guy, Thom Ernst, speaks with Karen about the legacy of Leonard and shares his favourite film adaptations.

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Thom's Top Five list of Elmore Leonard film adaptations:

1. Get Shorty (1995) (Dir Barry Sonnenfeld / John Travolta and Gene Hackman)
2. Out of Sight (1998) (Dir Steven Soderbergh / George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez)
3. 52 Pick-up (1986) (Dir John Frankenheimer / Roy Schneider and Ann-Margret)
4. Hombre (1967) (Dir Martin Ritt / Paul Newman)
5. Jackie Brown (1997) (Dir Quentin Tarrantino / Pam Grier, Samuel Jackson, Bridget Fonda, Robert De Niro, Michael Keaton & Robert Forster)

For a listing of what's happening on Saturday Night At the Movies tonight, visit the SNAM website.