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SUNDAY August 18

0730 Sandra Martin is an award-winning journalist at The Globe And Mail where---among other things---she writes feature obituaries. She's also the author of "Working The Dead Beat---Fifty Lives That Changed Canada". Sandra Martin joined Mary Ito when the book came out late last year and guest host Karen Gordon replayed that conversation.
Listen audio (runs 13:22)
"Working The Dead Beat---Fifty Lives That Changed Canada" is published by Anansi.
Learn more about the book at the Anansi website.

0800 George Zotii is the owner of the Silver Snail stores in Toronto and Ottawa. He joined Karen on the eve of "Fan Expo"-- an event that brings together fans and the stars of movies and television shows that were inspired by comic books.
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There's more on what you'll find at George's stores AND at Fan Expo at the Silver Snail website.

0830 Toronto-based musician Roveena has just released her debut album. It's called "Perfect World". Roveen joined Karen to talk about her music, which incorporates South Asian influences to reflect her Sri Lankan heritage.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
There's more about "Perfect World" at Roveena's website.
You might also like to check out Roveena's music videos on her YouTube channel.