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SUNDAY August 11

0730 Allison Davis is the creator of a new website called Zoo Critic which rates zoos in-and-around Ontario. Allison joined guest host Karen Gordon to talk about her motivations in creating the website.
Listen audio (runs 10:36)
You can check out the zoos which Allison has rated by visiting the
Zoo Critic website.

0800 Karen listened to a reprise of a conversation that Dr. Mike Evans had with Mary Ito about the impact of smoking on your health...and the best ways to quit.
Listen audio (runs 8:49)
Go to Dr. Mike's YouTube website to view his whiteboard video on the health impacts of smoking. That's where you'll also find Dr. Mike's other whiteboard tutorials on a range of health issues.

0830 Appliance repair expert Steve Brannan from Brannan's Appliance Repair joined Karen to take her "Behind Closed Doors" he continued his series on the major appliances in your home and how to diagnose problems before they become breakdowns. Today's appliance---the fridge.
Listen audio (runs 17:29)
Check out Steve's website if you have an appliance issue (and you live within the area that he services in the Greater Toronto Area).