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SUNDAY August 4

0730 Mark Rheaume and guest host Karen Gordon sat down in the Fresh Air studio for the latest edition of Mark's Music. To check out his August picks, visit Mark's column.

0800 Cottages can bring out the best---and the worst---in families.
They can be a place to make memories... sitting on the dock, singing around a campfire or playing cards well into the night. But when parents retire or die, those good times are often replaced by emotional rifts and financial challenges as cottages change hands. Peter Lillico is a lawyer in Peterborough who specializes in cottage succession. He joined Karen to discuss HOW to transfer cottages from one generation to the next.
Listen audio (runs 9:47)
Learn more about Peter at his law firm's website.

0830 She was the Martha in Martha and the Muffins (remember "Echo Beach"?). That was 33 years ago. But Martha Johnson never stopped making music. And now...she's just released her first solo album. It's called "Solo One". Martha Johnson, along with her husband and fellow Martha and the Muffins bandmate, Mark Gane, sat down with Karen Gordon to talk about Martha's musical journey.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Check out Martha's website for more on her solo album.
And may also want to visit the Martha and the Muffins website.