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SUNDAY July 14

0730 Film programmer James Quandt from the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto joined guest host Karen Gordon to discuss the influence and legacy of French new wave film director Jacques Demy.
Listen audio (runs 9:43)
Learn more about the retrospective of Jacques Demy's films at the TIFF Lightbox website.

0800 Summer is the perfect time to take in a baseball a BOOK about the boys of summer. Erin Balser from CBC Books joined Karen with some of her favourite books about baseball.
Listen audio (runs 6:29)
Here are Erin's baseball book picks:
1. The Might Have Been by Joseph Shuster
2. Whenever I Wind Up by RA Dickey
3. Color Blind by Tom Dunkel
There's always plenty of good reading on the CBC Books website.

0830 Hot weather...and hot outdoor design trends. The two don't always make for a good combination. That's what landscape designer Carson Arthur believes. He was Karen's guest and he talked about the negative environmental impact of some current design practices.
Listen audio (runs 12:31)
Learn more about Carson's landscape design activities by visiting his
Carson Arthur website.