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0730 Weekends are for home improvement projects. But Karin and Lionel Lodge took that philosophy a step farther. They embarked on a house restoration in Port Dover. And it consumed the next 5 and half years of their lives. They elaborated when they joined guest host Karen Gordon.
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You can learn more about the house at Karin and Lionel's website.

0800 Kids used to have plenty of time to just Then parents got involved and suddenly all that free time disappeared. Instead, kids were scheduled into sports, music and all kinds of other activities. Our parenting columnist thinks that's a mistake---and Samantha Kemp-Jackson elaborated when she joined Karen.
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Be sure to visit Samantha's Multiple Mayhem Mama website.

0830 A couple of months ago, Karen talked with Sylvia Morrison, a professor at George Brown Community College. Sylvia was about to lead a group of George Brown students and community members to Ghana to build a library in a remote village. With that mission accomplished, Sylvia and George Brown students Brittany Paddley and Vivian Khoshaba came in to talk about their experiences with Karen
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Learn more about the work of Sylvia's not-for-profit development organization in Ghana at her Links Across Borders website.