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0700 Kevin Callan checked in again as he neared the end of his "Once Around Algonquin" canoe trip through the watersheds of Algonquin Park.
Listen to what he told Karen Gordon. audio (runs 2:59)
Kevin's Facebooking his adventures and you can keep up to date by visiting Kevin's Facebook site.

0730 Hannah Alper is 10 years old. She's also an accomplished blogger. Her most recent posting is advice for kids going to summer camp for the first time---something that Hannah did last year. Hannah shared her summer camp philosophy with guest host Karen Gordon.
Listen audio (runs 9:46)
Catch up with all of Hannah's blog posts at her Call Me Hannah blog.

0800 Mike Wise is going "16/6" this summer. Mike's a TV anchor for CBC News Toronto. And he joined Karen to tell her how he'll attempt to "unplug" from his many electronic devices this summer.
Listen audio (runs 7:28)
You can watch Mike every weekday evening at 11 o'clock if you're tuned to CBC TV in Toronto. You can also follow him on Twitter: @wisem
And check out Mike's website...he'll be blogging about his "16/6" experiences.

0830 He grew up in India...but he was listening to 1960s American soul and R&B music. Now Rehan Dalal is making music of his own...and he's channeling those artists that he grew up listening to.
Listen to his conversation with Karen Gordon. audio (runs 12:13)
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Rehan has just released his first album. It's called "Got To Feel It".
You can visit Rehan's website to learn more about his music.