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Past Episodes: July 2013 Archives

SUNDAY July 28

0600 "Somm" is the name of a new documentary about four wine enthusiasts who are attempting to become Master Sommeliers. Fresh Air's On The Doc columnist, Mark Wigmore, offered his assessment of the film.
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Learn more about this documentary at the Somm Facebook page.

0730 "Everything Begins With Love" is Arlene Paculan's debut full-length CD. This Mississauga-based singer-songwriter has been making music since she was age she recounted to guest host Danielle Harder.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
You can learn more about Arlene Paculan and her music at Arlene's website.
And go to Arlene's Wonderfest website for information about her August 14th event at the Mississauga Celebration Square Amphitheatre.

0800 Should parents be friends with their children? Samantha Kemp-Jackson doesn't think so. She's Fresh Air's parenting columnist and she made the case that kids should demonstrate a healthy level of respect for their parents and elders. Have a listen audio (runs 7:33) to what Samantha told Danielle.
Visit Samantha's Multiple Mayhem Mama website for more of her thoughts on parenting.

0830 Whither Twitter? It's evolving...and that means that some people are giving it up,,,while new users are coming onboard. Rhonda McEwen tracks the evolution of social media. She's an assistant professor of New Media at the University of Toronto-Mississauga's Institute of Communication, Culture and IT. She joined Danielle to talk about the changing face of Twitter.
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Learn more about Rhonda's work at her U of T-Mississauga website and also at her blog.


0600 Ottawa-area singer Kellylee Evans was struck by lightning in early June. That hasn't stopped her from performing. But she's still feeling the effects of that "electrifying" experience. Kellylee was in Toronto this past week for a show and she talked with CBC Radio One's Metro Morning host, Matt Galloway...who began with the obvious question: What happened?
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Check Kellylee's website for the latest on her recovery.

0730 Jazz bassist, composer and occasional vocalist Brandi Disterheft is currently New York City-based...but she makes ocaasional forays back to Toronto. Her return for a gig tonight prompted this repeat of guest host Karen Gordon's conversation with Brandi from earlier this year.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Please visit Brandi's website to learn more about her music and and go to the Paintbox Bistro website for info about Brandi's show there tonight (July 27).

0800 Kim Gray is editor-in-chief of the travel blog "Toque & Canoe". She's offering off-the-beaten-track Canadian destination suggestions for vacationers this summer. And this morning she took guest host Danielle Harder to Two Jack Lakeside campground in Banff National Parkto try out an oTENTik - a brand new Parks Canada innovation designed to attract more people to our country's national parks.
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For more information (including a picture) on oTENTiks and where you can find them, visit the Parks Canada website.
You'll also want to drop by the Toque and Canoe website for plenty of additional info about travelling in Canada.

0830 Hamilton is the destination for more and more people in the arts and entertainment industry. That includes married couple Juno Ruddell and Mike Rinaldi. They're actor/writers who've just moved from B.C, to Steeltown. They told Danielle why.
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SUNDAY July 21

0730 If you're in a fight with a big company, you want Ellen Roseman on your side. Ellen writes a consumer issues and personal finance column for The Toronto Star. She's also the author of the just-published "Fight Back: 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate Trickery". Ellen joined Fresh Air host Mary Ito earlier this year to talk about some of the strategies that you'll find in the book.
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"Fight Back: 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate Trickery" is published by Wiley.
Follow what Ellen Roseman is blogging about at
Ellen's website.
You can read her newspaper columns at her
Toronto Star website.
And you'll find more information about Ellen's book at the
Wiley website.

0800 Summer and trips to the cottage are synonymous. But what's the origin of the cottage as we know it? Heritage architecture expert Shannon Kyles gave Karen a crash course in Ontario's "cottage chronology".
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Check out Shannon's Ontario Architecture website for the special section on cottages.

0830 Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. That's Justin Abedin. The list of musicians with whom he's worked goes on and on...and on. Justin started his career with the Juno Award-winning soul and R&B group, Jacksoul. And Karen played a track by Jacksoul to set up her conversation with Justin....
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Learn more about this very talented muician/composer/producer at
Justin's bio webpage.