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SUNDAY June 23

0730 She calls her music "misty folk". Her name is Kaiya Smith Blackburn...but she performs as "Cade". Kaiya came into the studio to talk about her forthcoming EP Semicircles with guest host Danielle Harder.
Listen audio (runs 9:23)
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Kaiya (AKA Cade) will appear at at the Magpie Taproom in Toronto on July the 8th and then at the Cameron House in Toronto on July the 10th.
For more on Kaiya's music, you can visit her Cade website.

0800 Some people go for sedate canoe trips that last just a couple of days. Then...there's Kevin Callan. He's embarking on a MAJOR paddling expedition. He calls it "Once Around Algonquin"...and Kevin elaborated when he sat down with Danielle.
Listen audio (runs 10:05)
Keep track of Kevin's "Once Around Algonquin" adventures at his Happy Camper website.

0830 Eric Challenger had a dream...a dream to build a golf course. And that's just what he did...with a "little" help from family and friends. Eric joined guest host Danielle Harder to talk about the challanges that he surmounted.
Listen audio (runs 9:10)
The Woodview Golf Course in Woodview, northeast of Peterborough, opens to the public this weekend (June 22/23).
Book your tee time by going to the Woodview Golf Course website.