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0600 Mark Wigmore brought us another installment of his "On The Doc" series. This morning he reviewed a new documentary about a Canadian comedian who was at the vanguard of the "comedic brain drain" to the United States. It's called Quality Balls---The David Steinberg Story.
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0730 Rhonda Avery is an ultra-marathoner. She's also legally blind. Rhonda is taking part in a sunrise-to-sunset ultra marathon today (June 22) in Toronto called the Solstice Run. But Rhonda joined guest host Danielle Harder the day previous to talk about her passion for extreme endurance runs.
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Learn more about the ultra marathon that Rhonda's running in today by visiting the Solstice Run website.

0800 Kim Gray, editor-in-chief of the travel website "Toque&Canoe dot com, returned with another installment of her Great Canadian Travel Bucket List. This morning she took us on a virtual tour of Nova Scotia's South Shore.
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For more on today's travel topic---including some great pix---go to the
Toque & Canoe website.

0830 Steampunk. It's a melding of the past with the future. But it's the future as it would have been envisioned IN the past. Confused? Adam Smith is a Steampunk enthusiast and an organizer of the Steam On Queen street fair that takes place later today in Toronto. Adam joined Danielle to offer a quick course in Steampunk 101.
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Steam On Queen happens today (June 22) in Toronto.
Learn all about it at the Steam On Queen website.