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SUNDAY June 16

0730 Guest host Mary Wiens talked with Chander Chaddah, a real estate agent in Toronto who's also a founding board member of the Wabash Building Society...and Fred Kent, the founder of Project for Public Spaces, a non-profit organization based in New York City. The topic was community building though the use of public spaces.
Listen audio (runs 11:18)
Learn more at the Wabash Building Society and
Project For Public Spaces websites.

0800 Mary talked with Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, He's a professor of pediatrics and medicine at the University of McMaster in Hamilton.His groundbreaking studies are starting to change what we know about the impact of excercise on ageing.
Listen audio (runs 11:49)
Learn more about his work at Mark's McMaster website.

0830 June is National Aboriginal History Month. Mary talked with James Bartleman, a former Canadian diplomat and Lt. Governor of Ontario, currently an author and a member of the Mnjikaning First Nation...and playwright and author Drew Haden Taylor, a member of the Curve Lake First Nation.
Listen audio (runs 13:44)
James Bartleman's newly-published novel The Redemption Of Oscar Wolf is published by Dundurn.
Learn more about the book at the Dundurn website.
Check out Drew Hayden-Taylor's literary output at Drew's website.