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0730 Guest host Mary Wiens talked with musician and historian Jason wilson about his book Soldiers of Song: Canada's Famous Dumbells.
Listen audio (runs 12:28)
Tonight (June 15) Jason will present a show based on the book at Hugh's Room in Toronto.
It's also called Soldiers of Song: Canada's Famous Dumbells and you can get all the details at the Hugh's Room website.
And be sure to check out Jason's website as well.

0800 Mary talked with personal finance columnist Nisha Patel about loyalty card programmes.
Listen audio (runs 8:36)
Stay on top of financial trends at the CBC Business website.

0830 Three members of the 1960s CBC-TV kids adventure programme The Forest Rangers joined Mary. Syme Jago, Susan Conway and Rex Hagon all starred in the show as Junior Rangers. They talked about the enduring popularity of the programme and a 50th anniversary fan-driven reunion of the show's cast and crew talking place today (June 15).
Listen audio (runs 12:23)
There's more about the programme and the reunion at
The Forest Rangers fan website.