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0730 Laura Clarke is a poet...who's just won the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers which is awarded by the Writers Trust of Canada. It's an award that includes a $5,000 prize...which is good news for ANY writer. Laura joined guest Fresh Air host Mary Wiens to talk about her life in poetry.
Listen audio (runs 10:59)
There more info about Laura and the Bronwen Wallace Award at the
Writers Trust of Canada website.

0800 Appliance repair expert Steve Brannan joined Mary to take us "behind closed doors". Those are the "doors" that conceal the workings of some of the major appliances in our homes---namely the dishwasher and the stove. As Steve explained to Mary, if you know how these appliances SHOULD work, it's easier to ensure that they CONTINUE to work PROPERLY.
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Check out Steve's website for more info about him.

0830 Aleksandar Antonijevic is a principal dancer for the National Ballet of Canada. He's been dancing for 25 years. And he's learned that traditional dancer's exercises are always enough. So he took up weight training to improve his physical fitness. And Aleksandar told Mary how we can all benefit from his experience.
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Learn more at the National Ballet website.