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0700 Mark Wigmore's On The Doc column featured a new documentary about a rapper-turned reggae musician. The film is called Snoop Reincarnated and it focuses on Snoop Dog,,,who is now known as Snoop Lion.
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Learn more about Mark at his CBC Music webpage.

0730 She was an anomaly. She was a woman journalist---with a column AND a byline---in late 19th century Toronto. She was also a mystery woman...because no one knew her real name. Author Christine Welldon has explored the life and impact of "Vic Steinberg" with a new book for younger readers. She shared her findings with guest host Karen Gordon.,
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Reporter In Disguise: The Intrepid Vic Steinberg is published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. There's more info on Christine's website.

0800 Gardeners are always looking for the latest trend. That's GOOD if you do your research in advance. But too many gardeners are "cultivating" the latest craze without considering all the implications...and some are regretting it. Fresh Air's favourite gardener---Marjorie Harris---joined Karen to explain.
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There's plenty of gardening advice at Marjorie's website.

0830 Award-winning (for her previous book "Locavore") author Sarah Elton is back with a new book. It's called Consumed: Food For A Finite Planet and it looks at our ability to continue to feed ourselves in the decades to come. Sarah elaborated when she sat down with Karen.
Listen audio (runs 12:45)
Learn more about the author at Sarah's website and the book at the
HarperCollins website.