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Past Episodes: May 2013 Archives


0730 He's the "Mayor of Hinchtown". His name is James Hinchcliffe. He's from Oakville...and he's making headlines as a racer on the Indycar circuit. But, as John Pudy from CBC Sports explained to guest host Jill Dempsey, Hinch is just as newsworthy OFF the track.
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James Hinchcliffe is racing in today's (May 26) Indianapolis 500. You can track his progress at the CBC Sports website.

0800 Looking for good wines that won't break the bank? Irvin Wolkoff has a list...and he shared it with Jill. Irvin is a member of both the Wine Writers Circle of Canada and the Circle of Wine Writers of London, well as the wine columnist for The Medical Post. Irvin also blogs about the relationship between food and wine at his new website: A Glass Of His Own.
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You can find Irvin's list of "12 good wines for under $10" on his A Glass Of His Own blog.

0830 Singer/songwriter Darrelle London dropped by the Fresh Air studio to chat with Jill. The focus of their conversation---what does a musician REALLY do between high profile CD releases? It's not all fun and Darrelle explained.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Darrelle London is in concert at Toronto's Glenn Gould Studio on Friday, May 31.
Check out Darrelle's website for the lowdown the show and also on her music.


0700 CBC Radio's The Debaters is coming to Kitchener-Waterloo and Burlington. Host Steve Patterson and a bunch of comedians will be at the University of Waterloo Theatre Centre on Monday, May 27th at 7:30 pm. And on May 29th, the show will be in Burlington at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. For ticket info, visit The Debaters' website.

0730 Kim Gray, editor of the Canadian travel website "Toque & Canoe", joined guest host Jill Dempsey to talk about the appeal of viewing grizzlies in the wilds of British Columbia.
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Learn more about the Great Bear Rainforest and the
Khutzeymateen at these Toque and Canoe webpages.

0800 It's a big "Doors Open" weekend across Ontario. In that light, Shannon Kyles came by to talk about communities that have managed to retain their heritage streetscapes. Shannon's an instructor of architecture at Mohawk College in Hamilton AND the historical architecture editor at Arabella Magazine. She brought Jill up to speed on communities that have escaped the worst of the development-at-all-cost ethos.
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Check out Shannon's Ontario Architecture website for loads of heritage architecture pictures and information.

0830 His name is Jesse King...but his musical nom de plume is Dubmatix. Jesse's latest excursion into the world of reggae features a host of guest vocalists and some wicket dub beats. He came in to chat with Jill and play some tracks from "Rebel Massive".
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Get all the goods on Jesse's music at his Dubmatix website.


0700 Mark Wigmore's On The Doc column featured a new documentary about a rapper-turned reggae musician. The film is called Snoop Reincarnated and it focuses on Snoop Dog,,,who is now known as Snoop Lion.
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Learn more about Mark at his CBC Music webpage.

0730 She was an anomaly. She was a woman journalist---with a column AND a byline---in late 19th century Toronto. She was also a mystery woman...because no one knew her real name. Author Christine Welldon has explored the life and impact of "Vic Steinberg" with a new book for younger readers. She shared her findings with guest host Karen Gordon.,
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Reporter In Disguise: The Intrepid Vic Steinberg is published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. There's more info on Christine's website.

0800 Gardeners are always looking for the latest trend. That's GOOD if you do your research in advance. But too many gardeners are "cultivating" the latest craze without considering all the implications...and some are regretting it. Fresh Air's favourite gardener---Marjorie Harris---joined Karen to explain.
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There's plenty of gardening advice at Marjorie's website.

0830 Award-winning (for her previous book "Locavore") author Sarah Elton is back with a new book. It's called Consumed: Food For A Finite Planet and it looks at our ability to continue to feed ourselves in the decades to come. Sarah elaborated when she sat down with Karen.
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Learn more about the author at Sarah's website and the book at the
HarperCollins website.