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SUNDAY April 28

0730 Lenka Lichtenberg was guest host Karen Gordon's musical guest. Lenka's just released a new album called Embrace and she told Karen about the unusual musical journey that's brought her to this stage in her career.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Lenka will launch Embrace with a concert tonight (April 28) at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto.
The details are on Lenka's website.

0800 Parenting writer and blogger Samantha Kemp-Jackson paid Karen a return visit. Samantha's topic was the cult of celebrity and how you can deal with the influence of less-than-ideal celebrities on your children.
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For more parenting advice, check out Samantha's Multiple Mayhem Mama website.

0830 It's been a strange spring in most of Ontario. David Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada, joined Karen to talk about what happened...and also to offer a preview of what we might expect this summer.
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David is also the creator of the annual Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar. The 2013 edition is sold out but the 2014 edition will be available in early summer. You can learn more at the Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar website.