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0730 Jazz bassist, composer and occasional vocalist Brandi Disterheft was Karen Gordon's guest. Brandi's latest album is called "Gratitude".
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Learn more about Brandi's at her website.

0800 Summer is beckoning and people are starting to plan their holidays. Fresh Air's personal finance columnist, Nisha Patel, offered some suggestions for making your holiday both memorable AND affordable.
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Here are links to the travel websites and apps that Nisha mentioned:
Jet Setter
Air Fare Watchdog
Rick Steeves
Trip Advisor
Gas Buddy

Nisha is also a business reporter with CBC News. For up-to-the-minute business news, visit the CBC News website.

0830 Two hockey enthusiasts---longtime Toronto Maple Leafs fan Kevin Shea and Ottawa Senators enthusiast Rick Wharton---joined Karen to talk about their respective teams' fortunes as the regular NHL season came to a close.
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Kevin Shea is the author of numerous hockey books including Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary Of A Dynasty 1957 - 1967 and the just-published Crossing The Line: The Outrageous Story of a Hockey Original with Derek Sanderson.
Rick Wharton is an actor, comedian and the director of Festival Hall in Pemboke.
There's more about them at Kevin and Rick's websites.