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SUNDAY April 21

0730 Three sisters. One heritage. And a shared enthusiasm for the food of their parents' homeland. Put it all together and you have a new cookbook. It's called "Back To The Beginning---Timeless Greek Recipes Made Simple". And the Three Sisters---Betty, Eleni and Samantha Bakopoulos---joined guest host Karen Gordon.
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Three Sisters: Back To The Beginning---Timeless Greek Recipes Made Simple is published by Adelfes Publishing.
There's more at the Three Sisters website.

0800 Monday (April 22) is Earth Day. Anne Bell is director of Conservation and Education at Ontario Nature. She joined Karen to talk about Earth Day's significance...and whether a younger generation feels as strongly about this annual event as the generation that created it.
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Learn more by visiting the Ontario Nature and Earth Day websites.

0830 Ottawa's Kellylee Evans tackled a daunting challenge with her latest album, I Remember When. She decided to "jazzify" tunes originally performed by hip hop, rap and urban music artists. Kellylee joined Karen to elaborate.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
You can catch Kellylee performing this coming Thursday (April 25) in Ottawa at that city's International Writers Festival...and then in May she'll headline two concerts in Ontario---one in London and the other in Toronto.
You'll find all the details on Kellylee's website.