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Past Episodes: April 2013 Archives

SUNDAY April 28

0730 Lenka Lichtenberg was guest host Karen Gordon's musical guest. Lenka's just released a new album called Embrace and she told Karen about the unusual musical journey that's brought her to this stage in her career.
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Lenka will launch Embrace with a concert tonight (April 28) at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto.
The details are on Lenka's website.

0800 Parenting writer and blogger Samantha Kemp-Jackson paid Karen a return visit. Samantha's topic was the cult of celebrity and how you can deal with the influence of less-than-ideal celebrities on your children.
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For more parenting advice, check out Samantha's Multiple Mayhem Mama website.

0830 It's been a strange spring in most of Ontario. David Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada, joined Karen to talk about what happened...and also to offer a preview of what we might expect this summer.
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David is also the creator of the annual Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar. The 2013 edition is sold out but the 2014 edition will be available in early summer. You can learn more at the Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar website.


0730 Jazz bassist, composer and occasional vocalist Brandi Disterheft was Karen Gordon's guest. Brandi's latest album is called "Gratitude".
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Learn more about Brandi's at her website.

0800 Summer is beckoning and people are starting to plan their holidays. Fresh Air's personal finance columnist, Nisha Patel, offered some suggestions for making your holiday both memorable AND affordable.
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Here are links to the travel websites and apps that Nisha mentioned:
Jet Setter
Air Fare Watchdog
Rick Steeves
Trip Advisor
Gas Buddy

Nisha is also a business reporter with CBC News. For up-to-the-minute business news, visit the CBC News website.

0830 Two hockey enthusiasts---longtime Toronto Maple Leafs fan Kevin Shea and Ottawa Senators enthusiast Rick Wharton---joined Karen to talk about their respective teams' fortunes as the regular NHL season came to a close.
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Kevin Shea is the author of numerous hockey books including Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary Of A Dynasty 1957 - 1967 and the just-published Crossing The Line: The Outrageous Story of a Hockey Original with Derek Sanderson.
Rick Wharton is an actor, comedian and the director of Festival Hall in Pemboke.
There's more about them at Kevin and Rick's websites.

SUNDAY April 21

0730 Three sisters. One heritage. And a shared enthusiasm for the food of their parents' homeland. Put it all together and you have a new cookbook. It's called "Back To The Beginning---Timeless Greek Recipes Made Simple". And the Three Sisters---Betty, Eleni and Samantha Bakopoulos---joined guest host Karen Gordon.
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Three Sisters: Back To The Beginning---Timeless Greek Recipes Made Simple is published by Adelfes Publishing.
There's more at the Three Sisters website.

0800 Monday (April 22) is Earth Day. Anne Bell is director of Conservation and Education at Ontario Nature. She joined Karen to talk about Earth Day's significance...and whether a younger generation feels as strongly about this annual event as the generation that created it.
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Learn more by visiting the Ontario Nature and Earth Day websites.

0830 Ottawa's Kellylee Evans tackled a daunting challenge with her latest album, I Remember When. She decided to "jazzify" tunes originally performed by hip hop, rap and urban music artists. Kellylee joined Karen to elaborate.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
You can catch Kellylee performing this coming Thursday (April 25) in Ottawa at that city's International Writers Festival...and then in May she'll headline two concerts in Ontario---one in London and the other in Toronto.
You'll find all the details on Kellylee's website.