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SUNDAY March 24

0730 Guest host Karen Gordon talked with transplanted Winnipegger Sean Garrity, director and co-writer of the new suspense film "Blood Pressure", which was shot in and around Toronto.
Listen audio (runs 9:51)
"Blood Pressure" will play at Toronto's Carlton and Royal Cinemas (check each theatre's listings for dates and times). It will also have showings in Sudbury on April the 13th, Waterloo on May the 2nd, and at Ottawa's Bytowne Cinema from May 31 to June 4.
You can check the Blood Pressure website for more on the film and where and when you can see it.

0800 Fashion Week is just wrapping up in Toronto. Karen talked with Bernadette Morra, editor-in-chief of Fashion Magazine.
Listen audio (runs 11:57)
For more on what's happening with Canadian designers, go to the Fashion Week website.
If you're a "fashionista", check out Bernadette's blog at the
Fashion Magazine website.

0830 Cambridge-area musician Mandippal Jandu was Karen's guest. Mandippal has just released his first album---it's an EP called "Ready To Stay".
Listen audio (runs 11:26)
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
To learn more about Mandippal Jandu and his music, you can visit
Mandippal's website.