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SUNDAY March 17

0730 Canada Blooms attracts gardeners and non-gardeners alike in huge numbers. Fresh Air's favourite gardener, Marjorie Harris, joined guest host Karen Gordon to explore the appeal of this huge horticultural and floral extravaganza.
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Marjorie's latest book about gardening is "Thrifty Gardening: From The Ground Up".
It's published by House of Anansi.
Marjorie's website is a great source of information for gardeners of all abilities.
And Canada Blooms is a great destination for gardeners---it runs through Sunday, March 24 at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

0800 There's something new at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It's an exhibition called: "Revealing the Early Renaissance: Stories and Secrets in Florentine Art". And curating it is a labour of love for Sasha Suda, assistant curator of European art at the AGO, Karen Gordon went to the AGO to see the exhibition and talk to Sasha.
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The AGO website is your destination for information about the exhibition.

0830 Justin Rutledge brings a very literary background to his music.
What else would you expect from someone who majored in English literature in university? He's also someone who dabbles in the theatre---witness his collaboration with author Michael Ondaatje on the stage version of Michael's novel "Divisadero". And now Justin has released his latest album---it's called "Valleyheart". Justin and Karen sat down in the studio to talk about it.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Justin's website is an excellent source of information about his music.