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0730 Mary Ito was live on location at the Kitchener Market to help celebrate the first week of operations for CBC Radio's new K-W station. She started by talking with Craig Norris, host of "The Morning Edition".
Listen audio (runs 3:55)
Learn more about Craig and the rest of the CBC K-W crew at the CBC Kitchener-Waterloo website.

0740 Beer expert Mirella Amato joined guest host Karen Gordon in studio to talk about Irish stout and other Irish beer topics...just in time for St. Patrick's Day.
Listen audio (runs 7:13)
There's loads of interesting beer info at Mirella's Beerology website.

0800 Mary ito joined the show with another live "hit" from the Kitchener Market. Her K-W guest this time was from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.
Listen audio (runs 5:15)
Learn more about the Institute at the Perimeter

0830 Mary Ito continued her conversations with K-W residents on the occasion of CBC innaugurating a new station in Waterloo Region. This time it was local singer Alysha Brillinger.
Listen audio (runs 2:16)
There's all kinds of info about her music on Alysha's website.

0840 TV's "Survivorman", Les Stroud, is also a musician. His latest single is called "Arctic Mistress". Les joined Karen Gordon in the Fresh Air studio to talk about his music and how it informs his OTHER career.
Listen audio (runs 9:23)
You can catch Les in "musical" action at The Princess Cinema in Waterloo on March 20 and at The Montreal House in Peterborough on March 22.
Learn more at the Les Stroud website.