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0730 You may not realize it...but you're taking part in a retail revival. And that's good news for anyone who buys something---which is just about all of us. That's what Doug Stephens says...and he's in a good position to know. He's a retail business consultant who's president of Retail Prophet and he's written a book called "The Retail Revival---Re-imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism". Doug joined Mary to elaborate.
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"The Retail Revival---Re-imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism" is published by Wiley.
Learn more about Doug and his book at the Retail Prophet and
Wiley websites.

0800 Dr. Mike Evans joined Mary to discuss the potential dangers posed by the use (and increasing abuse) of opioids. You can hear that conversation by going to Dr. Mike's column.

0830 They were National Geographic magazine's Travellers Of The Year. Heather Greenwood Davis and her husband Ish took their sons Ethan, 10, and Cameron, 8, out of school for a year to explore the planet. They spent 12 months on the road, visited 29 countries, and blogged about their round-the-world journey. But they've now been back in their Toronto home for almost eight months and Heather joined Mary to talk about the challenges of re-adapting to their old lifestyles.
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You can learn more at Heather's Travel Blog.
And here's the link to the National Geographic story about them.