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Past Episodes: February 2013 Archives

SUNDAY February 24

0730 It's book awards season. But most of the awards are for fiction. Is that fair? Mary Ito asked Erin Balser from CBC Books, Diane Turbide, publishing director of Penguin Canada, and Andrew Westoll, winner of the 2012 Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction for his book "The Chimps Of Fauna Sactuary".
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For more discussions about matters-literary, visit the
CBC Books website. And while you're in a bookish mood, check out the
Penguin Canada and
Andrew Westoll's websites

0800 Joel and Ethan Coen have been at the forefront of American filmmaking since 1984. Over that period they've moved from edgy independent upstarts to Oscar-winning, internationally acclaimed film artists. The Grid's film critic Adam Nayman joined Mary to explore the evolution of the Coen brothers movies.
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Adam will present a lecture on this topic at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre in Toronto. That happens on Monday, February 25th. All the details are on the Miles Nadal website.
If you're into films, you can also check out Adam's and The Grid websites.
The audio for this item will be posted on the following Tuesday.

0830 Pavlo is a Torontonian who's made the world his musical stage. He's taken his unique style of "Mediterranean music" to audiences all over the globe. Pavlo joined Mary to talk about the success of his music...and also his diversions into the creation of Pavlo-branded guitars and wine.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Pavlo will be in concert at The Studio at Hamilton Place in Hamilton on March the 8th. The next night [Mar 9} he'll be at The Academy Theatre in Lindsay.
All the details are on Pavlo's website.

SATURDAY February 23

0700 Fresh Air's Mary Ito featured a sound teaser from today's episode of "The Debaters". Host Steve Patterson was joined by comedians Charlie Demers and Gary Jones to riff on the topic of puns. Catch the entire show later today on CBC Radio One---it airs after the 1 o'clock news. Learn more about the show at
The Debaters website.

0730 Wellspring is a growing network of community-based cancer support centres that provide support, coping skills, and education at no charge and without need of medical referral to individuals, family members and professional caregivers living with cancer. CBC News Network's Nancy Wilson, who's a former chair of Wellspring's board, and cancer patient Diane Osak talked with Mary about the important role that Wellspring plays.
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Wellspring centres rely extensively on fundraising events to help fund the vital programs and services offered. The Toronto branch of Wellspring is staging a "Well Dressed For Spring" fashion show at Holt Renfrew on Monday, February 25. The details are on the Wellspring website.

0800 If you're in a fight with a big company, you want Ellen Roseman on your side. Ellen writes a consumer issues and personal finance column for The Toronto Star. She's also the author of the just-published "Fight Back: 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate Trickery". Ellen joined Mary to talk about some of the strategies that you'll find in the book.
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"Fight Back: 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate Trickery" is published by Wiley.
Ellen will be the guest on CBC Radio One's Ontario Today phone-in on Thursday, February 28 from 12:30 to 1:00 pm..
And she'll be on stage at 11 a.m. for a live presentation called "Fight Back" at The Revue Cinema in Toronto on March 2nd.
Full details are at The Revue's website.
Follow what Ellen Roseman is blogging about at
Ellen's website.
You can read her newspaper columns at her
Toronto Star website.
And you'll find more information about Ellen's book at the
Wiley website.

0830 The Academy Awards will be handed out this Sunday. And Terry O'Reilly, host of "Under The Influence" on CBC Radio One,will be in a movie-mood later today. He'll present "The Art Of The Movie Trailer", an examination of the role and evolution of this important film marketing tool. Terry joined Mary to offer a preview of today's show.
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"Under The Influence" airs Saturday morning at 11:30 and is repeated Monday mornings, also at 11:30. Today's episode is called "The Art Of The Movie Trailer".
You can learn more at the Under The Influence and website...and you can also visit
Terry's website.

SUNDAY February 17

0730 Cars are getting REALLY complicated. They're just packed with all kinds of electronic gizmos to make your drive safer and more comfortable. But are cars getting too "smart" for their own good? Mark Richardson is a good person to ask.
He's an automotive writer for The Toronto Star's Wheels section....and he joined Karen Gordon earlier this week as the Canadian International AutoShow was just getting underway in Toronto
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Check out the Wheels website for more on the AutoShow and all-things automotive.

0800 The face of the traditional family in contemporary Canadian society is changing. It's something to think about as Ontario prepares to celebrate "Family Day". Nora Spinks from The Vanier Institute of the Family elaborated when she talked with Mary.
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Learn more about Nora at the Vanier Institute website.

0830 Author and futurist Don Tapscott joined Mary to talk about the concept of "radical openess".
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Don's new e-book on this topic is called "Radical Openness: Four Unexpected Principles for Success". You can learn more at Don's