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SUNDAY January 27

0730 The play is called "Rare". With it, playwright Judith Thompson and a group of young adults with Down syndrome have created a piece using their own life experiences, thoughts, feelings and words to give us an open window into their world.
Judith talked with Mary Ito about the play and her motivation in writing it.
Listen audio (runs 9:50)
All the details about "Rare" are at theYoung Centre website.

0800 Canada Reads is almost here. CBC Radio's annual battle of the books---hosted by Jian Ghomeshi---will start on February 11. And Erin Balser from CBC Books online came by to brief Mary on this year's contending books.
Listen audio (runs 11:13)
All the details are available on the
Canada Reads

0830 She's the proverbial triple-threat. Amy McConnell is a singer...a film-maker AND a voice actor. And she's successful in all three fields! Amy's new album---a collaboration with trumpeter William Sperandei---is called "Stealing Genius". Here's Mary's conversation with Amy:
Listen audio (runs 10:20)
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Amy and William will be on stage at Toronto's Old Mill Inn on March the 8th. You'll also find them at Hugh's Room in Toronto on March the 27th.
All the details are on Amy and William's website.