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SUNDAY, January 20

0730 Shakura S'Aida and Paul Reddick have much in common. They're both musicians---BLUES musicians, to be precise, they released new albums in 2012, and they have multiple nominations at this year's Maple Blues Awards (on January 21). Shakura and Paul joined Mary Ito to talk about their mutual lives in the blues.
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Learn more about their music at Shakura and Paul's websites.

0800 Windows are key elements in heritage houses. No one knows that better than Shannon Kyles. She's a professor of archirecture at Mohawk College in Hamilton and heritage architecture editor at Arabella Magazine. And she joined Mary to detail the finer points of the windows that define Ontario's historical homes.
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Learn more about this and related topics on Shannon's Ontario Architecture website.

0830 Ontario Liberals will pick a new leader on January 26th. The two front-runners are Sandra Pupatello and Kathleen Wynne. CBC News provincial affairs reporter Mike Crawley compared and contrasted the two contenders when he joined Mary.
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Mike will be part of the CBC News team's extensive coverage of the Ontario Liberal leadership convention. It all begins this coming Friday (Jan 25) and continues through the voting and final results on Saturday (Jan 26)on CBC Radio One, CBC News Network and CBC DOT CA. In the meantime, keep up to date on developments in the Ontario Liberal leadership contest by visiting the CBC News website.