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SUNDAY, January 13

0730 Mark Rheaume dropped by to reflect on the year-past in music. And he shared with Mary Ito his Top Four "Memorable Musical" selections from all of the "Mark's Music" entries in 2012. You can see which songs Mr. Rheaume chose by visiting his Mark's Music column.

0800 It's been a confusing and frusutrating week for parents of public elementary school students in Ontario. The threat of a one day walkout by teachers on Friday had loomed. That walkout was cancelled after an Ontario Labour Relations Board ruling. But the on-going sense of uncertainty affecting the public school system. continues. Mary discussed the situation with Annie Kidder, executive director of People For Education, an independent, parent-led organization working to improve public education in Ontario's English, French and Catholic schools.
Listen audio (runs 10:32)
Learn more about what Annie's group is up to at the People For Education website.

0830 Film critic Kevin Courrier joined Mary to talk about the films of Woody Allen.
Listen audio (runs 12:40)
Kevin will examine the films of Woody Allen in a lecture series called, "Woody Allen: Past and Present," which starts Monday, January 14 at Toronto's Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre.
The details are at theMiles Nadal website.
If you'd like to read some of Kevin's film reviews, you'll find them at the Critics At Large website.