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SATURDAY, January 5

0730 Consumer columnist Citizen Talin joined Mary Ito to share a grab-bag of useful ideas to help you launch 2013. You can hear that conversation by visiting Talin's column.

0800 Mary talked with Dr. Heather Ross, the director of the Cardiac Transplant Program at Toronto General Hospital, and heart transplant patient Dale Shippam of Thunder Bay about their trip to the South Pole as part of the Test Your Limits programme which is designed to overturn misconceptions people have about what transplant patients can and can't do.
Listen audio (runs 12:08)
Learn more at the Test Your Limits website.

0830 CBC's Hockey Night In Canada on Radio host Gord Stellick offered Mary's his thoughts on the liklihood of a settlement in the on-going lock-out of NHL players by the team owners.