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SUNDAY, December 16

0730 There's more to video games than teen-aged boys playing Call of Duty on an Xbox in their basement. In fact, gaming increasingly defies sterotypes as different types of people play on different platforms. Alison Harvey is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Toronto who specializes in digital culture and video games. She joined Mary Ito to talk about the REAL face of gaming.
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Learn more about what she's up to by following Alison's Twitter account.

0800 Paper and spine books have been with us for centuries. But digital books are fast closing the divide. Adam Hammond is a post doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and teaches a course called "The Digital Text". He joined Mary to elaborate on the pros and cons of real versus digital books.
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Learn more at Adam's Digital Text U of T website.

0830 It's called behavioural economics. And it's a new tool to improve people's health. Dr. Mike Evans explained when he joined Mary for his last "house call" of 2012. Have a listen at Mike's column