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SUNDAY December 9

0730 Rose Murray and Elizabeth Baird have many years of experience in the kitchen. They've written many cookbooks through the years. And now, they've pooled resources to create a new cookbook called "Canada's Favourite Recipes". They joined Mary Ito to talk about their exploration of Canada's culinary heritage.
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"Canada's Favourite Recipes" is published by Whitecap Books.
Learn more about the book at the Whitecap website. You'll also find links to Rose and Elizabeth's websites there as well.

0800 University and college students are coming home for the holidays. But life on Canadian campuses has become increasingly stress-inducing and instances of depression and other mental anxieties are on the rise. So how can parents detect signs of stress in their children? Dr. David Wolfe is with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and he spoke with Mary Ito.
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Learn more at the CAMH website.

0830 Fresh Air's books panel--- books columnist, editor and publicist Becky Toyne and CBC Books producer Erin Balser---came by to talk about their take on the 2012 literary scene. They avoided the traditional "best of" lists and came up with their own memorable printed page moments.
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You'll find more book "talk" at the CBC Books and Becky's websites.
And for Becky's book recommendations, visit her Fresh Air column.